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PrEPTECH started as a study to help men who  identify as gay or transgender to receive free PrEP. During the second phase of the study, there was a need to rebrand to reach a new set of participants in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami areas. This study helped participants find a care provider in their city, and figure out what their needs with starting, receiving and staying on PrEP.

My Role

Product Designer

Visual Design

Human-Centered Design

UI/UX Designer

Prototyping & Testing


Direct Community Engagement

Human-centered design played a huge role in the design and launch of the second phase of the study. We worked directly with a Community Advisory Board in the four counties to understand the design problem and the users needs.


Development of the PrEPTECH Platform

PrEPTECH's previous platform user experience needed to be revisited. The study during this second round is taking on more participants, and working closer with health care and pharmacy's to provide the best possible way to receive and keep taking PrEP. I created high fidelity mockups through Figma, and sent the developers this to be able to inspect the CSS and HTML. They were then focus group tested for both groups of participants, and worked closely with the developers to resolve any user experience problems and questions.

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Let's Get Social

The community centers in all four counties have access to downloadable content for their health clinics including social media outreach and printable materials.

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