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With a focus on human centered design, user interface, and illustration, I keep evolving my design and process to better serve people. And create design that can be accessible to everyone. 

I am a designer working with non-profits, start ups, and people to create great products and services. I have been working in public sector design for over three years and freelancing for over five years.

While studying at Sacramento State University, I found a passion for branding and working with public sectors, such as public transportation and housing, as well as public health. 

When I am not working, I am illustrating posters for my favorite bands and musicians, going to see live music and concerts, and spending time with my 3 cats (Rocket, Groot, and Drax) and partner.

My Process


The goal as a designer for me is to use design and design thinking to connect people across multiple channels and aspects in their life. I have focused my process through human-centered and people first approaches.


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